A few eloquent words from reviews of my work, thank you!

‘The ineffable intersecting with the physical; the scientific smashing through the impossible; the classic mutating for the modern age – Darren Hopes presses all these things flat, washing them with coolly chemical colours like a layer-by-layer construct, creating beautifully colluded worlds vibrating between the mind and the environs of the real’

‘A treatment of light made matter in which surreal scenes are plunged into warm sensual amber that preserves them and offers them to us as fragile objects to contemplate, bearing unfinished stories that each detail invites us to imagine, sugary soft things that melt under the eye and exhale sensuous perfumes carrying the senses away’

‘As the trenchcoated and bare-thighed girl forecasts sorcery, a porcelain paw emerges from the rubbish pile behind her; wisps of a golden girls hair ignite her mother’s tungsten wire heart; with scissors. Lewis Carroll prunes his forearm for a gnome. The conflict dissolves into an embrace, and, in total surrender, each image realises itself as the passionate bruise of this sordid and living affair.’


Clients include

Folio Society, Floris, Dead Ink Books, Fathom Books, Pottermore, Royal Mail / 2012 Olympics, The Sci Fi Channel, The Sothbank Centre, New Scientist, Nature magazine, Politico, Quercus, 1843 magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Bently, Pretty Polly, Mayfair Hotel, Trojan Condoms, Penguin USA and UK, Hodder Headline, Emory, Steel Tiger Records, Mojo Magazine, Sony Playstation / Killzone, Fortean Times, Attitude magazine, Washington Post, Harper Collins UK and USA, Scholastic, Arena, GQ, Houghton Mifflin, Aflac, Radio Times, Sunday Times, Shop Magazine, Popshot Magazine, Harlequin, Little Brown, Financial Times, Arc Magazine, Simon and Schuster, BMW, Peugeot, Russell Morgan, Budda Cakes, Readers Digest, Time Warner, Historic Royal Palaces, Hodder Arnold, Hodder Educational, SFX magazine, Waterstones Magazine, Open University Magazine, Inner Ocean Publishing, O2, Night of the Senses, Bizzare Magazine amongst many others.


Finalist – Erotic Photographer of the Year 2007




Secret 7″ – UK
ArtBox – Japan
Circus Show – UK
Funtime Nocturnal Exhibition – UK
Consequenses – UK
Night of the Senses – UK
State of the Art – UK
Vox Pop – UK


Landscapes – Coningsby Gallery – UK
Flora – Square Gallery – UK